Preparation | Jan – Jun 2021

Aim of the Phase:

To establish a base at Christ Church Stockport as a launch for a church plant in part of north Manchester. As such there are two aims to this stage: To establish myself back in the local church ministry at Christ Church Stockport. To identify, to plan and build partnerships to start a new AMiE church in north Manchester.


The first phase will be to establish the viability of a church plant in north Manchester and prepare myself for pioneering church planting ministry. A key part of this phase is being involved in Christ Church Stockport. This role will not only assist the Christ Church Stockport it will help me to develop the ministry skills that I will need to pioneer a church in another part of the city. Establishing and getting to know the Manchester region and focusing church planting plans will be a key part of this phase. It will also be a key phase in building partnerships with those who will support the work.


Planning | Aug – Dec 2021

Aim of the Phase:

To identify an area and find a core team of 10-15 people who could form a core team.


The second phase is about building links in the area. The first key link is with Christ Church Stockport, developing a support and accountability structure to help me in the process. Regularly visiting north Manchester, will enable me to understand the area and its need much better. As I seek to understand the area, I will begin to identify and focus on a planting area. This phase is also about building the community which will form the church. This will mean getting to know individuals, identifying their gifting and equipping them to play their part in the church plant. The aim of the phase is that we would be in a position to begin meeting regularly with a core team.


Pre-Launch | Jan -Aug 2022

Aim of the Phase:

To establish a core group for the church which know one another and are growing in Christ. A core group ready to launch a church.


In preparation for the launch of the public worship meetings in the fourth phase is about establishing the community in the gospel and the core values of a gospel church. The phase will also be about building further links with the community so that they might know the church and we might have and evangelistic focus from the beginning.


Launch | Aug 2022

Aim of the Phase:

To meet as a church and establish the church grounded in the gospel and reaching out for Christ.


The fourth phase is the launch of the church, but this is not the end, we aim to establish a church which will make disciples, grow disciples and equip disciples for service in God’s kingdom. We will therefore focus on our core values and identity, so that we are grounded in the gospel, but also in the mission of the church so that we can continue to reach out and grow.


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